How To Make A U-Part Wig

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 U-part wigs, are wigs that allow you leave a reasonable portion of your hair out,which gives the wig a genuine and more natural look. U-part wigs are sold everywhere but to cut cost you can make them yourself.

You can either sew them or glue them. Below are outlines for sewing, and a youtube video that shows you how to glue.

You will need: A wig cap, either glue or a sewing needle & thread, scissors, a wig head, 2-4 bundles of hair(depending on how full you like your hair to be), sewing pins or thumbstacks.

1)Place the wig cap on the wig head and use the sewing pins or thumbtacks to keep the cap in place.  Pin the cap down on the edges on the left & right, and front & back.

2)Starting from the bottom of the wig cap start to sew your hair of choice on the cap using the weft only.  Try as best as you can to keep the hair from getting tangled in the stitches.  To reinforce your stitches wrap the thread around the needle twice before  you pull the needle all the way through the cap.  Sew the tracks in straight lines going from right to left on the cap.  As you reach the edge of the cap fold the track over and start sewing in the opposite direction.  Avoid cutting the tracks.

3) Once you reach the top start to lay the tracks in a U-shape, the opening should face the top front of the cap and should be       centered.  With each new row you start lay the track a bit forward so the “U-Part” will continue to decrease in size.  Continue to fold the tracks over at the edge and keep sewing until the space in the U is your desired size.  If you want to leave more hair out it will be large, if you want to leave a little hair out it will be small.

4)Once your u-part looks the way you want it cut any extra hair you don’t need off then make a knot around the end of the weft.  Then while leaving a little wiggle room around the stitches, cut off the remainder of the cap inside the “U”.

Here is a very detailed video from youtube blogger Tiarra Monnet, just in case you did not understand my rant

Credit:The everything exclusive mag, Tiara Monnet, Ebonybrealhair

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