How To Be A Super-Amazing Mom

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Because there is no reason for you to try and be super anything. Being a super hero and saving the world has been handled by the avengers’ team, that means someone/some people are already doing the job, so why bother?

Being a mother is already super, because birthing life is one of the most incredible and surreal things in the world.

However, it is still okay for you to aspire to be the best mom in the world. What you should not try to be is be a mom who performs magic or who kills herself in the process.

Being an amazing mom is quite simple. You don’t have to go to the ends of the world or lose an arm and a limb to be. Oh, trust me. Or at least, trust all of the listed things below…

Love yourself: You have to love yourself to be able to love someone else. Love who you are and see how easy it would be to transfer that love to your kid.

Don’t be too hard on yourself: So your friends seem to be doing this mom thing easily. For them, being a mom is like breathing and for some reason they do it effortlessly well. In fact, they even lost their pregnancy bods to an amazing post pregnancy bod in days! Making Kate Middleton’s seem like child’s play.

All of these things might be true and they might not be. Raising a kid is not the easiest thing in the world and if your friend is making you believe that, then she is not being honest.

Don’t make her the wikipedia of being a great mom, find a way around raising your own kid(s) and don’t be fazed by what she seems to be doing great. The moment you don’t bother about her mothering skills, the moment you are on to being a great mother.

And don’t be too hard on the kid: Kids can be very naughty and sometimes, they need iron hand. I mean, most of us turned out great because our mother chose to raise us with iron hands and I have had to babysit stubborn cousins and I know how exhausting they can be.

Whatever way you fashion out to deal with these kids, do not be so hard on them. Don’t kill their spirits while you are trying to punish them and don’t make them pay too much for little sins.

Never compare: “A is better than you in everything!” “B would never do that to her mother, don’t you learn?” Nah.

Don’t ever compare your kids with their siblings or other kids. Correct your kids without drawing comparisons between them and other kids.

Talk to your other mom friends: Ask how they handle some things their kids do, see the way they handle it and you might be able to borrow one or two things from their own style.

You DONT have to use these ideas if they don’t work for you. Remember this is about how you want to raise your children not how you can be like someone else.

Pray with and for your children: Because we cannot separate raising a family from prayers, this is absolutely important. Children whose mothers pray for them tend to turn out better than those who their mothers never went on their knees for.

When you pray, you would realize being a mom would become a tad easier!



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