Horrific: Mum Jailed for Gouging Out Son’s Eyes During Satanic Ritual

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In a very horrific and wicked incident, a five year old boy who was frightened by a bizarre satanic ritual has been blinded by his own family. His eyes were gouged out with a spoon by his mom, aunts, two uncles and grandparents when he refused to close the eyes as they summoned the devil, calling him to end the world and claim them for his own.

According to the court, the six danced and cavorted and were told to close their eyes so they didn’t look at the devil when he arrived, but when petrified five year old Fernando became scared by the commotion, his mother and sister grabbed a spoon and used it to gouge out his eyes. A neighbor told the court he thought the family were devout and deeply religious and not satanist.

Joaquin Arguellor said they heard screaming and banged on the door but nobody was answering, then a police patrol passed by and one of the women who were with them alerted the police and officers forced their way inside. The officer, Benet  Curiel said they witnessed a scene of horror inside. Scantily clad satanists were hunched over the screaming boy in the kitchen and the two women were covered in blood. An ambulance was called and the group were kept against the wall at gunpoint away from the boy.

He said one of the women was asked what was going on and she said her name was Rios Garcia and that she and her sister Lizbeth had done it. She admitted that she had told him repeatedly to close his eyes, and when he refused, she ordered the others to help remove his eyes.

The boy has since been given glass eyes which Mexican officials said would be constantly replaced as he grew older. The suspects have been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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