Horrific: Convicted Killer Allegedly Murders Fiancée And Eats Her Brains

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A convicted Indiana killer, Joseph oberhansley, who has a long criminal history going back to at least 2000 when he was convicted of manslaughter and attempted murder for killing his then girlfriend Sabrina Elder, 17, who had given birth to his child just days before the killing, and critically wounding his mother is facing ghastly new murder charges after allegedly stabbing stabbing his girlfriend Tammy Jo Blanton who’d posted his $1000 boimagend on earlier charges to death before eating portions of her brain, lungs and heart.

According to a probable cause statement released and obtained on Monday by WAVE3, Blanton called Jeffersonville police at 3am on September 11th saying Oberhansley was trying to get inside her home, but police sent him away, but they were later urged to return at 10am by her co workers and upon arrival, they found her bloodied body in a bath tub with sections of her brain cut out and Oberhansley further admitted to cooking and eating a section of her brain.

Jeremy Mull, Clark county prosecutor said he had attempted to raise the bond when he discovered Joseph faced charges for allegedly attacking and choking out a patron in a bar in 2013, but despite his pleas, another prosecutor lowered the bond allowing him to walk free.

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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