Guys, Here Are Simple Ways to Please Your Girl

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Men like to refer to women as complex creatures. But that is a lie, women are as easy as they come and if you ask me, men are more complex than women. But hey, that is story for another day.

Guys, if you really want to please your woman and you are the type that doesn’t like to stress yourself all in the name of making someone happy, then this is for you.

Support your woman

Don’t make her feel alone in what she is doing. Don’t make her feel like you really can’t be bothered about her career, her studies or whatever she is doing at the moment.
If she knows she can always count on you, then you would be making her the happiest woman on the face of the earth.

Compliment her

When she looks good, tell her she looks good. Don’t let her always hear the compliments from strangers. It would translate to her that you don’t see her and you really don’t care what she looks like.

A woman loves to be complimented because it makes her feel so damn good. Don’t let the compliments run out.

Be her best friend

Something interesting happens? Be the first person she would want to call to share the news. Anything out of the ordinary happens? Let her be in a hurry to run to you/call you to share the deets.

Let her know she can always have a friend to gist with in you.

Make her laugh

Women love men that are funny.
No, you don’t have to be Bovi or AY. All you have to be is you. Make funny comments, say things that would make her laugh and don’t be too serious and rigid around her.
I tell you, this one works like magic.

Protect her

Let her know if anyone messes with her, then they are messing with you.
This would make her know that she has you with her. Let her realize that no matter what happens, you would be her protector. You would take care of her and you would always have her back.

Cook for her once in a while

You don’t have to be a chef, just do something nice for her and surprise her with it. Also help with the chores or at least stay around in the kitchen and be useful when she is busy. It will make her happy to know that you are always there to help even if you can’t cook to save your life.

Care for everyone around her

Don’t give her the list of who to talk to and who not to talk to. Care for her friends, her family and her loved one. She would always be happy. Always.

Of course there are more ways to please a woman that are not listed here but practicing any of these things is enough to make her happy with you. So how about you start by trying these ones?



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