Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Fiance Sues Him For Domestic Violence

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Shantel Jackson – once engaged to Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. – has filed a lawsuit against the boxer, claiming he beat and humiliated her.

According to Jackson, Mayweather beat her on multiple occasions, and humiliated her by posting pictures of her pregnancy sonogram and saying they broke up because she had an abortion.

Shantel Jackson said Mayweather also threatened to post naked photos of her online if she didn’t take down a photo she posted of herself with rapper Nelly at a basketball game in April.

Jackson read a tearful statement in the offices of noted attorney Gloria Allred in which she said she and Mayweather were together for seven years and that she loved him and thought they would always be a couple. She said she finally left Mayweather after concluding he was abusive and would not change.

Allred did not specify damages in the suit against Mayweather, the unbeaten boxer who Forbes said was the highest-paid athlete in the world in the last year, with earnings of $105 million.

She declined to say whether Jackson actually got an abortion when pregnant with twins by Mayweather, but said Jackson told Mayweather in January that the pregnancy was terminated.



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