FIFA 15 Top Ten Players

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EA Sports has released the ratings of the top 50 players in the game. The top 50 had some surprisingly high-rated players and some newcomers and also some established global phenomena.

Messi is the highest rated player in the game with a rating of 93 and Hazard is the tenth best player according to the design and gameplay consultants at EA Sports studios. Judging by the list, anyone who wants to record victories is advised to use Bayern Munich as they are the most represented team in the top 10 with four players. World Cup Champions, Germany have two players on the and both players also play for Bayern Munich.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the wildest card in the top ten as he is the only player on the list that did not feature at the 2014 world cup.

Below is the full list

1. Lionel Messi 93

2. Cristiano Ronaldo 92

3. Arjen Robben 90

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 90

5. Manuel Neuer 90

6. Andres Iniesta 89

7. Luis Suarez 89

8. Bastian Schweinsteiger 88

9. Franck Ribery 88

10. Eden Hazard 88

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