Ferdinand Critisizes Moyes Coaching Style In Autobiography

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Manchester united suffered a horrendous season in 2013/2014, to put it lightly and in his autobiography which is being serialized by the sun, QPR and former Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand gave an insight into some of the failings of the former Everton trainer.


Ferdinand revealed that Moyes had made too many swift changes to some of the very old training and match preparation traditions at Manchester United and those changes did not sit well with most of the players ”Footballers are creatures of habit and for as long as I can remember at United, it was a ritual that we had low-fat chips the night before a game. We loved our chips. But Moyes comes in and, after his first week, he says we can’t have chips anymore.” The former England captain’s biography reads he also stated “Under Fergie, for example, before a game on a Saturday we always played a small-sided match on a small pitch on the Friday. We loved it. We’d get into the mood for the following day by expressing ourselves, having fun, trying stuff out. You got your touch right, experimented, got the feeling flowing. We’d done that for years and suddenly — again for no good reason — Moyes changed it by making us play two-touch. It was especially bad for the forwards who liked to practise their skills and shots and movements. They felt restricted.” Ferdinand had a lot of critisizim for Moyes as he complained about the training ahead of the champions league clash with Bayern Munich “To practise our set pieces and stuff we went to a public park. It was bizarre! Local people started coming from all over to watch us and take photos and videos. It was amateurish. I mean, why not just send Bayern an email or a DVD?”

David Moyes was relieved of his duties as manager after just nine months in charge and Ryan Giggs took over as interim manager before Louis van Gaal resumed as manager and after 12 years at the club, Rio Ferdinand called it quits at Old Trafford and moved for free to Queens Park Rangers.


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