Favourite Television Series That Got Cancelled After The First Season

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We all at one point or the other have had a favourite television series that captivated and provided us with unlimited entertainment. Unfortunately, some of these tv series got cancelled halfway leaving most of us frustrated and puzzled as to what could have transpired to make such interesting and entertaining series cancelled. I believe a whole lot of tv buffs can relate to this, that is why I’m going to go through a list of favourite television series that got cancelled after the first season.


Traveler was an American tv series that aired from early to mid 2007. The story follows the travails of two friends who become suspects after the bombing of a museum where they pulled a prank. They were apparently framed by their friend and room mate who disappeared after the bombing leaving no trace. Traveler was filled with drama and suspense that captivated and thrilled viewers. However, it was cancelled after the 8th episode even though fans of the television series tried to save the show.


The tomorrow people was an American science fiction drama that followed the activity of humans who as a result of evolutionary development developed special abilities referred to as the three T’s ( Telepathy, Teleportation and Telekinesis). The series followed Stephen Jameson, a new break out whose father is known as the most powerful of the tomorrow people. However, the tomorrow people are hunted by an organisation known as Ultra who are genetic cleansers. They use the tomorrow people to hunt down and forcibly retrieve the powers of other Tomorrow people. Sadly, the series was cancelled in may of 2014 after just one season.


The event aired from late 2010 to mid 2011. It was a science fiction thrilling drama with elements of political allegory. It follows the activities of extraterrestrial beings who were detained for six and a half decades after their space ship crashed in Alaska. President Martinez on learning of their existence agreed on making their existence known to the world. However, before he could do this, there was a failed assassination attempt on him which made him rescind his decision. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after 22 episodes of season one in may of 2011.



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