‘Fake Healer’: Pastor T.B. Joshua Mocked In South African Website [PHOTO]

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Pastor T.B. Joshua has come under fire from many areas for the collapse of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations building that has left over 100 people dead so far.


While many are wary of their words against the preacher, a South African news website is not holding back anything.

Majority of the dead were South Africans, and Mail & Guardian published a cartoon mocking the preacher.

The cartoon features an oversized Joshua at the pulpit, with the collapsed building site in the background. It has captions like, “Fake healer”, “I am annointed by God’, ‘I prophesy the future’, ‘I cure AIDS with Holy water’.




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  1. Matt 10:25
    It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?

  2. Please listening to my testimony on how prophet TB Joshua the general
    overseas of Synagogue Church Of All Nations – SCOAN – in nigeria cure my
    hiv/aids virus, my name is LEE BECYLU I have been living with HIV
    virus for over 6 years but at the end everything became
    worst to the extend that people do not near me any more
    my friend were avoiding me just because of the virus i
    thought is all over to me that i can not make it in life again,i was
    loosing my
    strength everyday and my doctor said to me that i only have
    view weeks to live because for over 6 years i have been living
    on drugs so i do not have any option i cried day and night so
    few weeks later i became very ill to me is all over i have lost
    it all,so a friend of mine took me to the hospital my husband
    abandon me when he found out that i was HIV positive
    getting to the hospital, the doctor admitted me in a bed, when it was now
    6;00pm they started showing program on the tv, there I saw the church of
    prophet TB Joshua I saw the man delivery people from wicked demon I heard
    many testimony about how he heal thousand of people from hiv/aids with is
    holy water and holy oil, many deliverance take place that day I was
    surprise I have never believe in God one day but since that day I started
    believed in God, I keep on watching the program everyday, on till one day
    the email of the church show on the tv program I quickly copy the email
    address and the phone number of the church, I call the church I told they
    how I gut their email and phone number, one of his apostle told me that I
    need to buy his holy water and holy oil so that the man of God can bless it
    and pray for it, I buy it and I gave them my information about were I am
    now, the apostle and some of the men in the church came to me in the
    hospital they pray for me and instructed me on how to keep using the holy
    water and holy oil, they took me along to the church I started worshiping
    with them in the church and God finally hear my prayer and he did a wonder
    in my life by making me hiv/aids negative again, God is really a wonderful
    father of the whole universe, request for your whole healing today from God
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