#EMLN2014: Andrea Iyamah Swimwear

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‘Reflective sunglasses and swimwear have never looked so good’

This was easily everyone’s favourite display, not because the women were in swimwear, not because the swimwear was beautifuuuuuuullllllll, but mostly because the models made it fun. They strutted down the runway in very beautiful designs wearing the biggest smiles, waving and handing out one or two hi-5’s.

While the men had bottles of Aquafina  water in hand, which they stopped to drink a few times. Who else who have liked to see the water on their bodies instead? 😉

360nobs Style can now officially tell you that owning Andrea Iyamah swimwear would make you a lot happier than you already are. I absolutely can not wait to buy my own set of happiness. Yes, happiness can be bought…sometimes.


EMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_01__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_02__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_03__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_04__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_05__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_06__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_07__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_08__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_09__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_10__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_11__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_12__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_13__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_14__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_15__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_16__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_17__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_18__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_19__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_20__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_21__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_22__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_23__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_24__360nobs

The Men

EMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_25__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_26__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_27__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_28__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_29__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_30__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_31__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_31__360nobsEMLN2014_Andrea Iyamah_32__360nobs

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