#EMLN2014: AD by Agbani Darego

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360nobs Style brought you all the red carpet fabulousity that happened during the weekend at the Elite Model Look  Competition. Now it is time to put our focus on all the designers that displayed their collections at the Competition/Fashion Show. We begin with AD by Agbani Darego.

This collection featured trousers,  dresses, and shirts. We loved the tone of colors they stuck too-deep purple, blue, white, mustard yellow. All great colors for the coming fall season.

What are your thoughts?

EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_01__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_02__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_03__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_04__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_05__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_06__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_07__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_08__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_09__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_10__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_11__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_12__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_13__360nobs EMLN2014_AD by Agbani_14__360nobs

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