Elite European Managers Debate On The Continuation Or Cancellation Of Away Goal Rule In UEFA Competitions

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Sir Alex Ferguson has come out to reveal that European managers are divided on the whether the away goals rule used in both both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League should remain

The Away Goal Rule was introduced for the 1965-66 Cup-Winners’ Cup, meaning goals scored away from home are doubled but critics of the rule say it has become counter-productive and unfair in recent times

‘There was a bit of a debate about whether it has any significance today,’  Sir Alex Ferguson revealed during a meeting at the elite coaches’ forum at UEFA
‘Some think it is not as important as it used to be… and the attacking emphasis on the game today means more teams go away from home and win.

‘If we go back, say, 30 years, counter-attacking consisted of one or maybe two, players. Today, counter-attacks have players flooding forward in fives or sixes and really positive, quick passing.




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