Ebola: China Announces $32.5m Aid For S’leone, Guinea And Liberia

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The Chinese president, Xl Jinping on Thursday in New Delhi during his state visit to India announced $32.54m aid package for Liberia, Sierra Leone and guinea to combat the Ebola disease and said that the aid would include cash, food and materials.

Jinping said his country would also provide the World Health Organisation with $2m in cash and give the African Union the same amount to fight the same disease. According to him, the spread of Ebola in west Africa has been a severe challenge for the international community including China and India, and that the new package was aimed at helping the three affected west African countries fight the disease and enhance epidemic prevention capability of surrounding.

He also added that the regional organisation concerned in playing a leading and coordinating role in fighting the epidemic will be supported.

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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