Double Denim: Do’s and Dont’s

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Double denim is a trend that sneaks upon us every couple of years and when done properly it can look fantastic, but it can also easily go wrong. Spotted on celebs from Rihanna and Beyonce to Kim Kardashian, this trend is chic and relaxed when done right.


DO ACCESSORIZE- Let’s start with a 10/10 double denim look. This girl has got it 100% spot on with her lightweight denim shirt and 90’s style button down skirt. The outfit skims and flatters her figure perfectly. The key to finishing the look, like with all outfits, is to accessorize accessorize accessorize and we are loving her retro shades and structured bag. If you have medium to dark brown skin, you can get away with lighter denim washes and the contrast looks fabulous.

DON’T WORK AGAINST YOUR FIGURE– It seems since Kanye has gotten his hands on her, Kimmy’s outfits have been very hit and miss and we have to say this one is a huge MISS. Spotted in Paris earlier in the year, Kim tried and failed to nail the double denim trend. The top is far too tight and having her boobs on show negates the whole casual trend. Kim is short and very curvy and the cut, colour and length of the jeans does not flatter her figure very well, she would do far better with a darker denim wash. Lastly, the over-sized pink coat is complete outfit overkill.


DO GET CREATIVE– Trust our fave Sarah Jessica Parker to give us a quirky take on the double denim trend. It looks fantastic on her but proceed with caution because us plebeians may not look so chic. We love the way she’s rolled up her jeans and paired them with a pair of on trend mules. Her lightweight wrap around blazer is a great alternative to a normal denim shirt and the rose pattern gives it a little flavour. We have to say however that the bag, has GOT to go!



DO KEEP IT SIMPLE- Australian model, Miranda Kerr, has perfected her off-duty model look and looks laid back, simple and chic in her double denim ensemble. We love the loose fit of the shorts and shirt on her which flatters her slim frame. If you are going to wear short shorts, please make sure they’re loose-fitting to avoid the inevitable bum cheek exposure. With her hair piled in a messy bun and her large tote, she looks ready for a relaxed and comfortable day.




DO SWITCH IT UP- Here is style queen, Rihanna wearing double denim on three separate occasions and looking vastly different and equally stylish in all. Double denim does not have to be a shirt and a pair of jeans. Take a look out of Riri’s book and try a distressed skirt or a crop dungaree top. We must say we are always loving Riri’s show game in all the photos. The nude courts are chic, the thigh high boots are sexy and the gold platform trainers are very cool!



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  1. I love this article!!!! It has given me some great ideas. I have always shied away from double denim because I thought it always looked as though you were trying too hard to be cool and funky and getting it completely wrong, but I must say some of the outfits look pretty cool. I will give the skirt and shirt in the 1st pic a try and see how I get on. Thanks Ntianu

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