COLOURFUL! Talented Make-Up Artist Laila Rahman’s Beauty Lookbook

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Laila Rahman was part of Team Elan, the winning team, in the Fayrouz L’Original Competition and is the owner of make-up company ‘Leylah Cadne’. The talented artist shows of her skills in this colorful and fashion forward editorial. She says she compiled the lookbook to show “how skillfully she can spin the human face into a work of art with a stroke of a brush“. She explores her creativity through painting and craft and dares to “walk on the wild side of makeup”.

Well, make-up artistry is on the up in Nigeria but we have to say this is some of the most creative stuff we have ever seen. Love it!

Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014001 Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014002 Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014003 Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014004 Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014005 Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014006 Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014007 Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014008 Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014010 Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014015 Laila-Rahman-Makeup-Lookbook-Bellanaija-September2014017!



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