Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark – Super Heroes or Super Rich??

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I was discussing with a friend a couple of days back and we had an argument about who the favorite super heros in movies. We then got to Tony Stark ‘Iron Man’ aka “philanthropist”, “genius”, “billionaire”, “play boy” vs  Bruce Wayne ‘Bat Man’ aka “The Dark Knight’, “The Hero Gotham needs”, “Greatest Detective”

Are these guys really super or just super rich??

Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne have something in common..they were born with a huge golden spoon in their little mouth…what do you think would have happened if they were poor and had to deliver pizza for  a living (no offense to Peter Parker) but would they have had time for all these expensive community service work????

Another thing they have in common is that everyone knows their so called secret identity. Batman just can’t help himself, always falling in love with every girl and then spilling out his so called darkest secret. At least, he didn’t give out his home address on national tv or privatize world peace.

Ladies..who would you rather be with..the dark mysterious Bat Man or the Happy Iron Man? They are both rich so “money no be problem”….hold up chics…Batman lost everything in the last movie so..?
It makes perfect sense now..he had to quit being batman because he is so broke. Perfect timing Bruce.

Finally Is Tony Stark related to the Starks from Game of the Thrones..?? If he is..he should just build a time machine (which shouldn’t be hard…Tony has developed harder things than a lousy time machine), go back in time and kill all the Lanisters.

Written by Iyzilee

Picture credit – Tumblr

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