Boko Haram Appoints New Emir In Bama

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Yesterday, a new Emir was crowned by the dreaded terrorist group Boko haram in Bama North, a town that has been under controversial debate for some time now.

This was made known to the National Assembly by Senator Ali Ndume representing Borno North.

Senator Ndume, who described the development as an insult on the sovereignty of the nation further pointed out that when the terrorist group started its nuisance, their numerical strength was very poor when compared to what is now obtained.

The Gwoza born Senator said the members of the sect were not up to 100 and did not have AK47, as such weapons were only available to the country’s security operatives, but still government did not take their threat seriously and wipe them out.

“Yesterday in Bama, a new emir was installed by the Boko Haram. Recently, we reluctantly under your leadership (Mark’s) and I will say maybe, under your influence or instruction, conceded to the third or fourth state of emergency“ he said.

According to him, if the state of emergency was not approved then, the situation in the area would have been worse but not more than what is already obtained today.

“In those days, when we approved the first and second state of emergency, our soldiers were not running away, but the story before us today is that our soldiers are forced to abandon their duty posts not only to run back to their headquarters, but to move in to another country-Cameroon.

“We all know that Cameroon, as a country is not more than Lagos and Ogun states combined. So that means their strength cannot be more than Lagos and Ogun. And we have the army strength of more than 100,000 and I strongly believe that these Boko Haram members, even with the conscripted ones cannot be more than 10,000. But if you see the things that they did when they took over Gwoza, from the report I received, you would not imagine that the act was perpetrated by such insignificant number of insurgents” he said.

He further revealed that most of the sect members initially did not have guns, and wondered how they managed to come this far.

“These Boko Haram boys, initially, many of them didn’t have even guns. I know you don’t send a soldier to any assignment without at least an AK-47. So if less than 100 people with less than 100 AK-47 would chase away 500 soldiers with AK-47, abandoning their APC, ammunition and everything, then you should know that something is wrong” Ndume said.

It would be recalled that on September 1, 2014, Boko Haram terrorist group reportedly took over the second largest town, Bama in Borno state, before the Nigerian Army later announced that it repelled the terrorists attack and killed over 50 of its members.



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