Bob Okey Okoroji Announces Intention To Run For Lagos State Governor [VIDEO]

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In what is certainly surprising news, an Igbo man, Bob Okey Okoroji, has announced his intention to run for the position of governor of Lagos state.

Okoroji will be contesting under the aegis of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA.

Watch Okoroji’s declaration video below.



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  1. So what’s d big deal if an igbo be d next governor for lagos state? One thing I hate most abt dis country is this stupid state of origin thing. U are born in lagos,school never traveled out of lagos all ur life,dont know any lagos apart from ‘yoruba, just bcos ur ‘name is uche,obi,or ada’ now u can’t b a governor. Really annoying is HE not a Nigerian? He has every right ‘to vote n b voted’ why do we vote president?why do we say it “should only BE for the NORTHERNS” people just putting on the THINKING cap

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