Before You bring Back The Ex…

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Sometimes, our ex becomes our next. This is not a bad thing, especially if we are meant to be. And if we are sure about all of the things listed below.

We are back with our ex because we really love and miss him/her

If this is the case, then why not. As long as it is not because we are lonely and we can’t seem to find someone at the moment and it just feels like the next step to take.

Our initial issues have been settled

There is a reason we split up in the first place. And this reason could range from the smallest to the biggest reasons.

Whatever category it falls in, we must be sure we are back together  only after we have fixed our problems/issues.

We keep in mind the reason(s) we broke up in the first place…

And we make a conscious effort to work on them. However, if it was something we felt we couldn’t deal with the first time, then this is the time to really think it through. Do we wanna give it another shot or do we wanna let sleeping dogs lie?

We are ready to let go of the past

He cheated or she cheated? He ruined everything or that was entirely her fault? It doesn’t matter what happened then, we want it now, then we better let go of the past. Else, there won’t be any form of moving forward.

The feelings are strong enough

Truth is, even if we get over the past, it might come calling every once in a while and we have to be sure if our feelings for each other are strong enough to weather the storm.

If they aren’t, then maybe this ex shouldn’t be our next.

We are a hundred and twenty percent sure we want to do this… again.

If everything within us is convincing us that this is meant to be, then yeah, all the way. But if we still have doubts about this, taking a little time to think it through might help or forgetting to try this again.


All of these things mentioned can be posed as a question to yourself if you really want to do this again with your ex. If you can answer all the questions satisfactorily, then yaay! The ex can be back.

I have heard ex make the best spouses sometimes!




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