Before You Allow That Hookup…

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I have been hooked up with someone before. Haven’t we all? We’ve all had that friend who hooked us up with his or her friend because they got tired of seeing us “lonely” and “unhappy”. Some of them just hook their friends up because double dates are cool or because they don’t want to be called to be there for them at awkward hours.

Whatever the case may be, we have all been set up with someone at some point and sometimes, we set people up.

But how great is a hookup? Does it work? Does it suck? Is it the best way to land a partner, especially for introverts?

Three years ago, my cousin introduced his best friend and I and we struck it off from there. About a year later, we crashed and the relationship ended. Our biggest problem was something that genuinely was our faults but a particular problem that we had from when we were about two months old till when we ended was my cousin; his best friend.

My cousin wanted to play God, he wanted us to always thank him and he wanted to be Big Brother. Yeah! He literally wanted nothing to miss his eyes. And he constantly threw tantrums like a little boy whenever he felt left out. It was a ménage a trois of some sick kind.

Hook ups have pros and cons and as much as the two times I have been introduced to someone blew up in my face, I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work for others.


both of you already have something in common. The person who hooked you both up must have seen that before introducing you guys to each other. So this is a huge advantage, feels like you are starting from level two on a not so easy game

-You are most likely going to be each other’s type. That must have been the point of the whole hook up in the first place yeah?

-You already have some sort of approval. For the people who care what their friends think, you already have approval from your friend(s) about this person.

-You are likely going to last. I mean, you are so each other’s type, why again won’t you want to be together forever?


-They might have gotten it all wrong. Your friend or whoever did the introductions might have gotten it all wrong. This person might seem like he is your exact type but after the first date with him, you were certain he was never your type, isn’t your type and never will be your type.

-You might not have the privacy a relationship desperately needs to thrive on. I mean if whoever hooked you up is like my cousin, then you can be certain your relationship aint gon be getting any of that privacy shi.

-He or she that hooked you up might actually take offence if you don’t like this person. This usually happens when they have tried to hook you up more than once. Then they would say you are picky, too choosy, have standards that are too high and are too egoistic. This might take its toll on your relationship with your friend.

-when anything goes wrong, you might unconsciously blame your friend or whoever did the hook up. It happens all the time. Something goes awfully wrong and you subconsciously think, “maybe if he or she hadn’t introduced us this wouldn’t have happened”.


Matchmaking/hook ups aren’t such a bad idea as long as you and whoever hooks you up have an understanding and a great friendship that cannot be ruined no matter what happens.




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