Beauty Tips With Dunni: Benefits Of Shea Butter

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Shea butter comes in different forms and different grades. I buy mine straight from the market, I honestly prefer it that way because I believe then the ingredients haven’t been tampered with or altered because the sellers in the market buy it straight from the farm(Shea butter is gotten from the seed of the shea tree).

I discovered shea butter about a year ago, and after that there has been no going back for me. Shea butter has over a thousand uses but listed below are about 30uses grouped into 7 numbers.

All these I have tested and I am a hundred percent sure of. I haven’t had children but it worked for my cousin during pregnancy.

1)It  helps prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy

2)It can serve as shaving cream

3)It heals boils, eczema, rashes,insect bites, dermatitis and clears dark spots & wrinkles on your skin.

4)It enhances hair growth and will help improve the texture of your hair and heal your scalp.

5)It is a great way to get rid of dry skin

6)It heals/soothes damage caused to skin by heat i.e from cooking

7)It is the perfect solution to your skin peeling after tanning.

Note: In some cases, constant application will darken your skin a bit.

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