BEAUTY TIPS: Best Lipstick Shades for Dark Skin

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Now, I know sometimes it’s tricky to find the lip shade that suits our different skin tones but it’s that bit more difficult for dark girls who have a tricky time not going too light or even too dark. Thankfully, with the emergence of beauty brands dedicated to black skin tones, we’re seeing more variety and more choice when it comes to lipstick. We’ve compiled a list of the best lip shades for dark skin and thankfully, they’re all available in Nigeria. If that doesn’t have you running to the store, I don’t know what will!

House of Tara- Jemila

This is a gorgeous shade of red from Nigerian beauty brand House of Tara whose products are amazing and really hold their own against other beauty brands. House of Tara make-up is developed for black skin so the majority of their shades would suit dark skin but Jemila is a standout favourite. This red, paired with a dark lip pencil gives you a sexy, sultry pout.

Sleek- Mystic

Mystic is a gorgeous and vibrant shade which looks brilliant on dark skin and makes the whole face pop. It is such a bold colour so no need to overdo the rest of your makeup, just a slick of liquid eyeliner and a hint of blush. Let your lips do all that talking!

MAC- Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo is quite possibly the most universally popular and adaptable lipstick. Ruby Woo has been said to suit all shades of black skin although it can be very matte and tends to dry out your lips so apply with a pinch of Vaseline to keep your lips soft and smooth.

MAC- Diva

If Ruby Woo is a bit too bright for you, try Diva which is a slightly darker red and looks very vampish and sexy. Diva  also glides on perfectly and has excellent staying power. Great for an evening look.

MAC- Lady Danger

This shade is not for the fainthearted. It’s a very bright red with the slightest hint of tangerine but looks absolutely divine on dark skin. Please make sure your lips are buffed and properly exfoliated before putting on such a colour because the slightest bump or blemish will be easily visible.


(Lipsticks arranged in order listed)



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  1. Thanks, I will give the other colours a try. Ruby Woo is my go to lipstick for special occasions and when I go to the store to buy another shade I get so overwhelmed by the colours available that I cant make a decision and end up buying Ruby Woo again.

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