5 Ways to Know You Scored Big Time in The Bedroom Game With Her

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For women, it takes more than just being endowed to please her. You may be big down there and still not please your girl. Being a great lover is not about bragging. You do not have to boast about how good you are in bed, your partner’s body language and words will say it all. She will let you know in more ways than one how pleasant sex is with you. If you impress her in the bedroom, these are some of the ways you will know:

#1. SHE IS ALWAYS PRAISING YOU AFTER SEX: if you drive her crazy and always give her the best in the bedroom, she will always tell you. She will remind you of how awesome you are and how much fun she had in bed with you. She will shower you with praises without inhibition. However, if she doesn’t shower you with praises, she may just be too shy to say it out how loud how you make her feel in bed. You’ll see her smile in the morning.

#2. SHE WANTS MORE: one if the ways to know you scored big time in the bedroom with her is that it will always seem as if she is insatiable. The better the sex, the more of it she will want. She will also be willing to try out new things with you like using sex toys, aphrodisiacs, etc. Most if the time you ask her for sex, she doesn’t complain or she tells you she is look forward to having sex with you or she initiates sex.

#3. SHE GIVES YOU INSTRUCTIONS: once a girl starts giving you instructions in the bedroom, it shows she is comfortable with your touch and willing to explore. One if the things that make a man a good lover is his ability to make his woman feel very comfortable, relaxed and make her feel special and when you make her feel those ways, she will always be willing to go the extra mile and show you she is just as comfortable with you too.

#4. SHE PLAYS DRESS UP FOR YOU: according to Emily Morse, a sex expert; when a woman starts dressing up for you or wearing heels in the bedroom, it is a sign that you make her feel very attractive. So, if she is always making an effort to look good for you at all times, especially in the bedroom, she wants you to notice how sexy she is because she knows how men get turned on just by looking at a sexy woman.

#5. HER BODY LANGUAGE DURING AND AFTER SEX: her body language during and after sex also shows that you are doing something right. If she is breathing hard and rapidly, writhing against you, curling her toes, she meets you thrust for thrust and her arms are everywhere; scratching you with her arms, drawing you close to her, you are definitely driving her crazy. If she is lying limp underneath you with no signs that she is enjoying herself, you are definitely getting it wrong and she may not look forward to having sex with you next time.

Sex with your spouse should be fun, interesting, spontaneous and exciting. You should always look forward to making her happy in and out of the bedroom as a satisfied lady will make you happy.

What are the other ways to know that you’ve scored big time with your spouse in the bedroom game?


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