10 Things That Would Probably Go Through Your Mind When You Find Out Someone Likes You

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Finding out someone likes you is like winning a gold medal. You will feel so good and proud of yourself. You feel exhilarated for a while and then reality sets in. You start to think about different things and these are some of the things that would probably run through your mind:

1. WAIT, WHAT?: you will probably ask yourself; he likes me? You start to ponder on how, why and when they started noticing you. You will probably freak out, hoping that you’ve never embarrassed yourself before them the times you met. You will probably think back to those times and start recounting the things you said and how you acted around them.

2. ME? LIKE SERIOUSLY: then you start to wonder what they like about you and start to doubt if what you heard is true. You probably start thinking of the things that he may like about you. You will probably go; what does this person find likeable about me sef.

3. CAN I TRUST THE SOURCE OF THE INFO: you will probably start checking in your mind if you can trust the person that just told you that someone likes you or if you should believe the person that just told you how he feels about you. You will probably think; is this person playing with me or are they serious? Can I trust this person at all?

4. I DON’T BELIEVE IT: once you have confirmed that your source is being sincere, you probably start to wonder how it happened. You will probably ask: how did this happen? I just don’t believe this person can like me.

5. DOES HE EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?: you probably start to wonder if they really know you enough to like you as they claimed.

6. SHOULD I TALK TO HIM?: you will also probably wonder how to act around them; if you should talk to them first or call them or ping them. Then you start thinking if they like you, they should talk to you first.

7.DOES HE KNOW I KNOW?: if you heard it from your friend or his friend, thoughts like “does he know I have heard about it?” starts to go through your mind. Anytime you meet him, you will always be bothered if you should approach him about it or not.

8. I THINK I LIKE HIM TOO: you start to tick off things in your head that you will probably like about him. You start noticing his looks, the way he acts, the way he dresses and all that. After that, you start thinking you may like him too.

9. OH YEAH, I DEFINITELY LIKE THEM: you find yourself concluding that you actually find them equally likeable and you find them attractive too. You will probably think; I totally like him too.

10. WE SHOULD DATE: he likes you and you like him too. You suddenly start thinking you are interested in him and will not mind if he asks you, in fact you start to anticipate him asking you out. You will probably go; I like him too, what are we waiting for? Let’s start dating.

What are some of the other thoughts that will go through your mind when you find out someone out of the blues like you?

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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