You Suspect He’s Cheating? Here are Ways to Find Out

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Sometimes it is so hard to know if your man is cheating on you but like I always say, if you look hard enough you will see these signs.  If you don’t know however, here are some of the signs that if exhibited, means your boo cannot keep his hands out of the cookie jar.

He is now very distracted

Now he barely pays attention to you or whatever you do. It takes a lot of effort for him to actually notice you are standing close these days and you have to constantly beg for his attention to be seen.

It could actually be that he is worked up or he has his hands full at work. It could also mean there is someone else who is keeping his very busy these days.

He puts more effort into his appearance

Before now,  you were the one who convinced him to buy more clothes, take a trip to the barber’s shop and take more care of his physical appearance. But these days, he has a wardrobe that will make Scot Disick green with envy and stares harder at his reflection than Kanye West. It could be that he suddenly grew a fashion sense and it could be that he is trying to look finer for a woman.

Lipstick stains, feminine cologne and the classic cheating decoders

Remember Nollywood in the 90s? When a man was always caught by his wife because of the lipstick stains on his sparkling white shirt and the strong scent of feminine cologne on his clothes. Yeah, that overused, eye rolling technique. That one.

However, those things may seem annoying and ridiculous and something made for classic Nollywood movies but they actually happen. If by chance you see any of these things on your man, oh well…

His phone suddenly has a password/lock

He never used to lock his phone or keep messages private. All of a sudden, you need a password to access his phone. It could also be that whenever you pick his phone, he pulls a Bolt and rushes to where you are, then snatches the phone from you.

There is always an explanation for everything, the explanation might be that he has nuclear launch codes on his phone and he doesn’t want you to see. Or simply put, he might just be hiding a budding affair from you.

He is suddenly a liar

You know when he lies and you can swear by everything you believe in that the way he looks away from you when he answers some questions regarding a new female friend is shady. You know him and you can swear something is not right. Maybe, just maybe there is someone else sharing your man with you.

He spends more time on every form of social media than he used to

Suddenly he finds bbm more interesting than before. Now he actually chats through half of the day and barely has time to finish eating dinner. It may be that he just discovered how amazing the app is, it could also be that he met someone new and she is giving him a reason to stay glued to the app.

Receipts he cannot account for

You suddenly stumble on a receipt from a trip to a female store and you know for sure that he did not buy you anything recently. It could be that he was buying those things for his mother, sister, female cousins or some new woman.

Who knows which one it is?


If your man exhibits these signs and more, chances are that he is really cheating on you. This is the time to decide whether or not you want to stick around with this person or move on and try something new.




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