You Like Him? Here’s How to Start a Convos with a Man You Fancy

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I saw the picture of a woman proposing to her man a few days ago and a lot of women have been bashing this woman for getting on one knee and proposing. They think this is a man’s “responsibility” and only he should be taking this step.

I totally disagree. Anybody can propose to anybody, there are risks involved regardless of who gets down on one knee and pops the almighty question. However, that is not the point of this article.

The point of this article is to nudge a woman who wants to strike the first conversation with a man, in the right direction.

But if you are a woman or man who thinks women shouldn’t propose, women shouldn’t talk to a man first, women should take a century to play hard to get and women should never take some actions, then this is the part where you stop reading and return to 1922 where you emerged from.

However, if you belong to the school of thought that allows this, then be my guest and see how a woman can start a conversation with a guy she fancies. Leggo!

Let your eyes lock: they say a lot is said through the eyes, so this should kickstart what you hope to achieve. When you see the man you really like and would not mind having a conversation with, then instead of waiting forever, you can let your gazes lock, smile a little and then slowly look away. You can try this two more times to drive your point home. Chances are that he would be by your side beating you to that conversation before a third time.

Ask how he is enjoying the party/event: if you met at a public gathering, you can ask him how he is enjoying it, if he is having fun and his best part of the whole thing. A conversation is most likely going to stem from this.

Laugh at his jokes: or anything he says at all, even his comments about the weather. A man knows that a woman who laughs at his jokes is feeling him and that man is likely to start a conversation with you before you do with him. If he beats you to it, then hey! You are in luck.

Compliment his looks: it does not matter if the shirt does not match the tie, you would confess you did not mean it sometimes in the future. For now, compliment his looks and everything and let his attention be yours alone. All yours.

Join in the conversation with the others: this would work if you are both in the company of mutual friends. It would give you an opportunity to have a reason to say something to him. Hopefully, he takes the bait and strikes a full conversation with you.

Buy him a drink: if it is at a bar or club then this would totally work. Buy him a drink and see if he won’t be the conversation starter.

Just talk!

You like a man and want to talk to him? Then just do it! Do not have a reason or search hard for one to start a convo with someone you admire. Apart from this giving you the opportunity to meet someone new, it is also very exciting and fun. It also puts you in a guy’s shoes for a second. Yes! You get to see how hard it is for these people to walk up to us and strike conversations for the first time.




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