Woman Sentenced To 30 years For Sexually Assaulting Her Own Children With Her Boyfriend

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A judge who could not hide his contempt at a mother who sexually abused her own six and eight year old daughters with a boyfriend described her as the ‘vilest bitch’ he had ever met.

Amanda Areliano, 29, pleaded guilty to rape and aggravated child molestation on Thursday in Gibb county superior court, Georgia. She admitted to holding one of her girls down so her 30 year old boyfriend, Daniel Kelly Copeland could rape the child.


The sexual abuse took place on the little girls three years ago between September 1 2011 and January 18 2012 when the couple decided to bring the children into their sexual behavior as a couple. The sisters were forced to take parts in the sex acts with the couple, and photographs were taken of the sordid acts. They were also forced to watch the pedophiles have sex.

During the act, Areliona reportedly told one of the girls “This is how men should show you they love you”. Copeland was jailed for 25 years for child rape in 2012. Judge Howard Simms also added that “Hell has a special place for those who committed crimes like Areliano”

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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