Why You Should Remain Single

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Because being single is the height of awesomeness yo! Okay, let’s be serious. But the truth is when single, a lot of people assume you are lonely, unhappy and are desperately looking for a partner. This is not usually the case everytime. It might be that you just want to be alone, you know be without all the drama that come with relationships…

As much as being alone can be such a cool thing, a lot of people just don’t get it sometimes. They keep wanting to join you with the next single boy/girl and keep trying to sign you up to as many dating sites as possible.

Here is what to share with the next person that assumes you are unhappy and wants to join you with the next single man/woman they know.

There is no drama whatsoever

Because you cannot fight with yourself and you don’t have to explain who the guy/girl at the mall you said hi to is or why you stayed so long in traffic or why you looked the other way for too long while you were out together, your life is devoid of any form of drama associated with relationships.

You are now free of drama and all the ups and downs associated with a relationship and have automatically become less stressed.

You have your time to yourself

You are not obliged to be there for anyone because you have to as the boyfriend or girlfriend. You don’t have to worry about saying no to the office party next week when you know you would have worked your ass off and be worn out at the party.

You don’t have to share your time with anybody. You can now channel your energy into things about you and you alone. Isn’t that just super amazing?

No heartbreaks

If you are not in a relationship/in love with anybody then there is no way you are getting your heartbroken at all. When you are single, your heart is safeguarded against heartbreaks and all the heartaches that come with being let down by the person you are in love with. Why then would you not stay single for as long as you can?

You can be with as many people as you want

You can go on dates, hangout with whoever, club with whoever and not have to explain yourself or your actions to anybody. You own your time and yourself all day long. Isn’t that just cool?

You can use this time to grow and work on yourself

I always say that the best place to change and work on yourself is when you are single. Relationships are the wrongest places to start trying to change. While you are single, you can become a new you, grow and be ready for the next guy or girl that would be your partner.

No distractions for your career

A friend once mentioned that he chose to stay single because it helped him get some things done in his career. Sometimes, relationships distract you from being the person you want to be or getting to where you want to be in a time frame.

I couldn’t agree more.

You can use the time alone to advance in your career, get things done and empower yourself.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in a relationship, I mean relationships are amazing and they make you happy. But sometimes being single is what we want to do and there is no need to rush into relationships because everyone expects us to or because people assume we are unhappy.

What matters is for you to do you.




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