Why You Keep Picking The Wrong Man

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Doesn’t it hurt when you keep falling for the same rotten type? I mean not like you want to because nobody likes to get their heart broken but you just keep falling for the same type and you are now fed up.

Maybe if you knew why you keep falling prey of this same kind, you will stop doing the things that lead you there and now pick new and better actions?

One of these things might be the reason you always end up with Mr Wrong

1. You pick who you think you deserve: You cheated on someone who truly and genuinely loved you sometimes back and since then, you have unconsciously told yourself you do not deserve the best anymore.

Until you let go of the guilt you feel for treating that person bad, you will never get anybody good. It might not even  be that you cheated on someone, you might just think you are not good enough to deserve someone amazing. Guess what? Everyone deserves someone amazing, so get rid of that thought that keeps attracting you to dousche bags.

2. Check yourself and your dating pattern: They say when we make the same mistakes, it means we have been repeating a certain action that keeps taking us back to that same spot.

Check your exes and try and see the actions you took that made you end up with the wrong person/people. When you know the problem, it would be easy to not repeat the same mistake the next time.

3. Work on yourself: It might be that some habits in you are the reason you end up with Mr Wrong. Because you have to be right to meet someone who would be your Mr right. Sit down and think of the things you do or say that have made you the woman who Mr right runs away from.

4. Do not be afraid to say no: If you notice from your very first date/meeting that this person would end up being a total disaster, then there is no reason whatsoever to feel the need to say Yes and move the relationship to the next phase. You might be thinking of how bad he would feel if you turn him down but all you need to remember is how bad you would feel a few months from now when you realize you have made yet another bad mistake.

5. You run in the wrong circles: For instance your best friend is a junkie or a nutcase and every time you hangout, it is the type of people she attracts that come to you too. This means you are rolling with the wrong people and it is only normal for the wrong type of guys to start conversations with you and want to date you.

6. Love yourself: When you love yourself, you would realize that you would not want anything bad to happen to you in the name of boyfriend or lover.

You would open your eyes, make healthy choices and aim for the best in every area of your life including relationships.



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