Why Liverpool would not win the Premier League

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Last season, Liverpool finished second in the Premier League and it looked like a deserved position for Liverpool, but that assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth. Chelsea and Manchester United both suffered wretched seasons and did not in any way live up to their potential and Liverpool were simply a one man team.

Luis Suarez scored forty goals in all competitions last season and created a further seventeen, more than any other Liverpool player and the pragmatic Liverpool defense, conceded less goals than most. Rahim Sterling exploded on to the scene as an unstoppable fleet footed winger, or so we thought. The world cup proved that there was an answer to Sterling and Uruguay and Italy provided those answers. I’m sure EPL coaches were taking notes.

One of the accounts I follow on twitter had this to say “Selling Suarez and buying Lambert, Lallana, Lovren and Can is like selling a house and buying a TV, fridge, couch and stools”. despite how funny it sounds, it is true. Liverpool are in a building phase and when you are in a building phase, you don’t sell your corner stone on the promise that someone is going to step up an be the corner stone. Take a cue from Tottenham, they sold their talisman, Gareth Bale for 100 million euros and bought over 6 quality players and managed to finish lower than they did in the season they had Bale. When Manchester United sold Ronaldo, Rooney was more than ready to step up, Giggs was still very good, Ferdinand and Vidic were in their primes, and Carrick was ready to play, and Nani did his best to fill in for Ronaldo and remember Berbatov, the one time golden boot winner? and even with that, over time Manchester United needed to bring in van Persie. Safe to say, Manchester United were already an established entity before they let their match winner go. Arsenal have been guilty of the same crime selling their best players (Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, song) after promising seasons and buying make shift players and finishing fourth consistently.

Gerrard is way past his prime and Strurridge though good, is not a match winner and Sterling is simply put, a developing teenager. In Coutinho, Liverpool have a brilliant prospective match winner but he must add a cutting edge to is game. Lucas is grossly inconnsistent but they have little worries in the defense. Manchester United have been invigorated by the arrival of Van Gaal, Arsenal have brought in Sanchez and Debuchy with Chambers, Manchester City’s  Jovetic seems set to join Aguero and Negredo, Lamela seems ready to set White Hart Lane alight this season and Chelsea’s la liga imports (Fabregas, Costa and Filipe) have all joined in so this season is gearing up to be the toughest yet.

Liverpool don’t ave the luxury of an under performing Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal like they did last season and they have the challenge of the champions lea a benefit they enjoyed over Manchester United and the tables have been turned around this season. But if I could put this whole article into one sentence, it would be this: Liverpool cannot win the premier league this season because they sold their best player and match winner, Luis Suarez for 75 million euros and failed to bring in any player of the same caliber.

Ola BlaQ

Ola BlaQ

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