Why Ebola remains incurable -UK doc

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Pharmaceutical companies are unwilling to invest in vaccines and research to cure the deadly Ebola disease because it is only killing Africans, a leading UK doctor has claimed.

The President of the UK Faculty of Public Health, Prof. John Ashton, has claimed no cure for the disease has been discovered because it so far has only affected powerless minorities.

He likened the response to that of Aids, for which treatments were developed only when it started affecting Western countries.

The current Ebola outbreak – which has no vaccine, no cure and kills up to 90 per cent of victims – is currently ravaging the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia.

There have been 729 deaths from 1,329 confirmed cases of Ebola in this year’s epidemic – making it the largest Ebola outbreak in history.

Writing in the Independent on Sunday, Prof. Ashton said: ‘We must respond to this emergency as if it was in Kensington, Chelsea, and Westminster.

‘We must also tackle the scandal of the unwillingness of the pharmaceutical industry to invest in research to produce treatments and vaccines, something they refuse to do because the numbers involved are, in their terms, so small and don’t justify the investment.

‘This is the moral bankruptcy of capitalism acting in the absence of an ethical and social framework.’



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    1. John Ashton, you are a hero for telling the truth and making very clear the disaster of a system[capitalism] with only profits as a rudder.

      Ira g

  1. Rather than use a racially/culturally inflammatory assertion, why not just assert that pharmaceutical companies only put research, time and effort into ventures that are profitable? Those corporations are not benevolent entities, they are businesses run by college graduates who have been trained that the item of paramount importance is the quarterly profit and loss statement.

  2. Do pharmaceutical companies need to invest billions into defeating a disease which the UN has noted already the most simple prevention. Don’t eat road kill / fruit bats. There are much cheaper preventative measures available. Instead lets make this an issue with capatilism.

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