Wawuu: Gay Imam Weds Lesbian Muslim Couple [PHOTOS]

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An Iranian lesbian couple has wed in Sweden in a marriage presided over by a gay Imam.

The marriage took place in Stockholm, during the city’s Pride Week.

Sahar Mosleh and Maryam Iranfar -who is already expecting the couple’s first child – met online, and were blessed by Iman Ludovid Mohamed Zahed.

The holy man, who is based in South Africa, is also gay and has become a household name among LGBT activists from Muslim countries.

Speaking after the ceremony, Algerian-born Zahed told of his delight at the couple’s happiness and revealed his admiration for their bravery in pursuing a new life abroad.

‘I am very grateful for this beautiful wedding,’ he revealed, ‘and to be able to give my blessing to this happy couple.’

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