U.S Writer Released After 2 Years in Captivity

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American writer, Peter Theo Curtis who has been held captive for over 24 months in Syria has been released by al Quaeda affiliated group. This came days after a rival group beheaded a U.S journalist.

Curtis family on Sunday pleaded to the al Quaeda-linked group to let go of their son but it is not clear if that alone prompted the release of the  writer. Qatari government are also believed to have helped to negotiate the release.

“We appeal to the captors of the remaining hostages to release them in the same humanitarian spirit that prompted Theo’s release,” his mother,  Nancy Curtis, said in a statement.

Peter Theo Curtis 45, was handed over in Syria’s Golden Heights to United peacekeepers, who then turned him over to American officials after a medical examination.

David King

David King

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