U.S. Unleashes First Airstrikes On Islamic Militants In Iraq To Defend Innnocent Civilians

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In an attempt to forcefully stop the ISIS group raving the country of Iraq and rescue thousands of innocent regilious minority group, U.S. military aircraft have conducted strikes on *ISIL artillery.

American warplanes which included two F/A18 fighter jets have been unleashed and dispatched to release 500lbs laser-guided bombs on the defiant and violent group of Islamic militants.

Also, it dropped humanitarian aids – food and water to the minority groups hiding in Sinjar hills. Interestingly, the pope begs the world leaders to intervene as Iraq’s main christian city is under attack, making thousands Christians homeless.

Over 50,00 scared Yazidis (minority group – mainly Christian refugees, half of whom are children, who had fled their towns after refusing to convert to Islam) into the mountaintops.

When asked if the Islamic State group could successfully hide among civilians to evade strikes, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said if the Islamic State moves against Erbil, Baghdad or the refugees on the mountain, “It’s pretty clear who they are, and they would be pretty identifiable where our airstrikes could be effective.”

What is baffling is the admission by Hagel that “U.S. has enough intelligence to clearly single out and hit Islamic militants if they threaten U.S. interests or the thousands of refugees who fled to a mountaintop.”

*ISIL or ISIS: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are acronyms used interchangeably for the Jihadist (terrorist) group.

One of the jets
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