This Is How to Have a One-Night Stand

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One night stands are very interesting, basically because it is a good way to have fun without any strings attached, if you are the type that do not want to be committed to any relationship. You don’t have to bother about making an impression after the sex. One night stands are what they are; a night of ecstatic fun without any further obligations. However, people often mix things up and then end up with a terrible aftermath situation simply because they do not know the basic rules of hooking up with a babe or guy for random sex.

Therefore, in order to get into the game and be successful , you have to know the rules of the game. Listed below are some of the basic steps on how to land a perfect one night stand:

#KNOW WHERE TO FIND THE PERFECT PARTNER: the first step in landing a perfect match for a one night stand is to know the places where you can find them. Weddings, clubs, birthday bashes are some of the cool places you can meet a willing bedmate. Nothing makes people more adventurous than loud music, live filled air and an open bar. People on vacations or away from their homes are also very likely to get into bed with a total stranger. Social networking sites like twitter and bbm have proven to also be good places to hook up with someone for a one night stand.

Although you may get lucky, it is very rare for you to land the perfect match during corporate events especially ones organised by your work place. Most of the women there would likely not want to destroy their reputation and would be worried about word getting out. Family events are also a no go area when searching for someone to have a casual fling with. Most people that attend family events are always looking to find a man to have a stable relationship with.

#STUDY HER BODY LANGUAGE: body language is everything. You know a girl who wants to hook up for casual sex by the way she acts. She’s the super friendly girl laughing at everyone’s jokes; lame or not. She is that girl doing the dirty dance on the dance floor, she is always looking around hoping to make eye contact with one of the hot guys in the room. Although not all girls that act this way want to have a fling with a total stranger, but her attitude shows she is out to have fun and is easily approachable unlike a girl who sits by a corner with a glass of vodka on the rocks with no ice. She definitely has more on her mind that to be bothered by sex.

#APPROACH WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE: it is natural for women to always want the men to pursue them but with one night stands, women like to feel in control. Women want to feel like they are in charge so as not to feel used afterwards. When you know this, walk up to her, not as the boss but as a student waiting to be schooled. Let her take the lead. If you approach a lady with an opinionated attitude and very bossy, she will ignore you. Make yourself intriguing and very interesting. Say little but enough to make her guess what is going on with you.

#BE OPEN WITH WHAT YOU WANT: with one night stands, the last thing you need is to lie to get her to sleep with you. Do not give her an impression that you want to go into a relationship. Make it clear from the beginning what you want from her. Many women appreciate men that are straightforward with them and you will likely not have issues after the whole thing is done with.

#KNOW WHEN TO GO IN FOR THE KILL: when you meet her and you have gotten comfortable with each other, wait for her to suggest that you go to a place more quiet or suggest to her. Once she suggest or accepts to leave to a more quiet place with you, know that the game is on. When you get to somewhere dark and you are alone, lean in and kiss her. You may not even kiss her, you can just stare heartedly at her like she is your favourite dessert. Hot stares and lip bites do wonders. When you notice she is feeling you, ask her to go somewhere more private. Suggest her place because she will feel more comfortable and in control. It also saves you the morning after speech.

#HOW TO ACT WHEN YOU ARE ALONE: skip any form of talk except it is compliment about how beautiful her place is or how sexy she looks. Then, just go for it. Do not indulge in any kinky fantasy and make it a memorable one. Do not skip the important part, use a condom. You don’t want a surprise baby at your doorstep from someone you barely knew and when it is time to leave, do not try to complicate things by making false promises. Maybe it works for some people but majorly, do not try and stay friends with your conquest if all you wanted was just sex. Do not try and pay her, that will just make her feel very cheap. Do not be rude, be sweet and very very polite to her.

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