This is How to Know He Might be Popping the Question

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Will You Marry Me?

The four letter words some of us have been dying to hear from the very special someone we have been with for a while now. The one that we are sure would be the man for us and a great father to our kids.

Thing is as much as we want this man, we might not be sure when he would be popping the question or if he would be popping it at all.

With celebrity weddings and Bellanaijaweddings making the whole wedding thing look dreamy and some sort of a fairytale, we just hope it would be soon and with this person.

But how do we know?

Yes, he is saying it sometimes but how do we know for a fact it would be him in a matter of time?

Maybe when he exhibits any of these signs?

-You always come first: When a man puts you first all the time, then it means he wants more than just the boyfriend-girlfriend thing. He wants a lifetime, he wants marriage, he wants babies, he wants the real deal.

-You meet the ones who matter to him: His friends, his parents, his family and loved ones. Why waste his time if it won’t be for real?

-He supports your career: your acting career/modeling gig hasn’t even taken off and doesn’t look like it would be taking off anytime soon, yet this guy is your number one fan and would do anything to see this dream of yours fly. Need we say more?

-He is there for you: financially, emotionally and physically. For you, he would come anywhere.

-He is attentive to your needs: And he always seems to get it! As in nobody gets it like this guy.

-You are included in his plans: In fact, you are his plans.


Men are straightforward and they go for what they want when they want it, except they don’t want it. If your man has started exhibiting these signs and more, then he might be ready. It could be anytime from now ladies!




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