The Tragic Story of Michael Brown: Another Young Black Man Killed By American Policemen

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This sad news comes not long after the murder of Eric Garner by policemen in New York city.

On Saturday afternoon, Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer while he was apparently walking, unarmed. He was returning from a convenience store on his way  to his grandmother’s apartment in Ferguson, Missouri.

The late Michael Brown
The late Michael Brown

Police chiefs have acknowledged that Brown was shot “more than just a couple of times”. This was given in a partial explanation that the shooting came after a struggle in the officer’s patrol car, claiming that Brown “physically assaulted” him as they both wrestled for the gun.

However, this version has been  dismissed by Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson who said he was walking with Brown when the incident happened. Johnson related to MSNBC that the officer ordered the two of them, who were walking in the road, to “get the fuck on to the sidewalk”.

They replied to him that they were almost at their destination, and continued walking. But the officer, according to Johnson’s version of the story, made to open the door of his patrol car. The door struck Brown and bounced back. Then, Johnson claimed that the officer grabbed Brown by the neck and struggled with him, threatening twice: “I’ll shoot.”

“I seen the barrel of the gun pointed at my friend,” Johnson said. “I seen the fire come out of the barrel.”

Johnson continued, stating that they both ran, but the officer caught up with Brown and shot him several more times at close range. When interviewed, Johnson’s lawyer said police had declined to speak to him.

The officer behind the shooting is yet to be named publicly but has shockingly been placed on paid leave while the shooting is being investigated by a separate St Louis county police department. The FBI is also said to be looking into whether the incident caused civil rights violations.




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