The Shadow Episode 14 by @emini_ANOTI

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the shadow


He pressed her down further, filling her mouth with his big manhood. She was choking and wanted to get rid of his overly large dick but she could not. His big palms held her head tightly and kept pushing it back and forth. His loud moans showed he was oblivious to her discomfort. Her throat was burning, craving oxygen, her neck was aching terribly like it would snap into two any minutes, her knees and back were almost numb from pain. Her eyes watered and she blinked back the tears. She had promised herself never to cry in front of her customers, she would allow them enjoy themselves as much as they could and then collect her reward afterwards. Before, she used to have men fighting themselves just to have a piece of her but her pregnancy had changed everything. The men stopped coming once her tummy stated growing big, it was only few of the men that came by and it was only for oral sex. She would pleasure them with her mouth and then get paid; although it was not that much, it was enough to put food on the table for her son, pay their rent and buy some drugs to keep her unborn child healthy. It never took the men long to cum, the longest she has had was one that lasted 10 minutes and he was gentle with her but her present customer was everything a commercial sex worker would dread. He was rough with her, made her feel like a tramp and was taking too long to ejaculate. She thought of the money he would pay her after the ordeal and allowed that to console her. She closed her eyes and imagine herself in a far away land living as a wicked queen sending all men to the gallows.

She was still lost in her wonderland when she heard a scream. The man was no longer holding her and he was getting to his feet so fast that she fell.

“You son of a bitch, why the hell did you do that?”, his voice was filled with anger and pain. He went forward and picked up the little boy that had just hit him with a frying pan. The boy showed no fear but his face was tight with anger. Even when the man hit him over and over, he did not cry neither did he look scared, he looked like a boy who was capable of doing evil.

That was 17 years ago and the boy had dealt with that man and his mother. It was a piece of cake and he felt no remorse and he would do it again for the one he loved. He would kill so she won’t be tainted, by the sins of the world. He had done everything to prevent her from walking in the path of destruction. He wanted her pure and holy and for him alone and he was no longer patient. It was time for the ultimate plan.

Peter”s house was in a pitiable state. The once impeccable apartment had been turned upside down. The police men frisked every corner over the apartment for every incriminating evidence they could find. Since Olaore got a call from a private investigator telling him he needed to check out Peter’s apartment, he had been excited and sad at the same time. He wanted the investigation done with, so he can go for his much desired vacation and at the same time, he was afraid of what the news would do to Lisa. He was not even sure how he was going to tell her that her brother was a serial murderer. They had found pictures of the dead girls on body laptop with names of Where they work and Where they liked to hang out. They found masks, heroine and syringes in his wardrobe. Every evidence found was just too strong and it was with no doubt that the shadow had been found. He sat one of the couches and held his heads in his hands. He had never been in a more complicated situation before.


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