The Shadow Episode 13 by @emini_ANOTI

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the shadow

Olaore held her hand firmly in his as she wept silently. He wanted to tell her not to cry anymore and that every would be fine but he held back back, scared of making false promises to her.

    “Babes, are you sure about what you just told me now, are you very sure?, her voice was thick female crying and it broke his heart that he could not assure her that things were not as they were and everything was just a silly joke.

      “Darling, nothing is certain at this moment. Investigation is still on and I can’t tell what the outcome would be. I just want you to relax and get better. Don’t worry yourself about it, Okay? I’m sure it’s a mix-up”

       “Oh, please. Relax? How is that even possible? My brother is a suspect of 5 murders and one attempted murder and you tell me to relax and get better? I don’t think I can ever get better if it actually turns out to be true that my brotherhood the shadow”. Olaore sighed heavily and gathered her into his arms.  She struggled at first but later succumbed to the warmth and comfort Ore’s arms provided.  She was angry, sad and very confused. How could her brother have been so wicked to kill those girls and then try to kill her too. The only genuine reason Ore gave was that her brother was obsessed with religion and anti everything that did not praise God and she was not convinced. Her brother had always been very logical and rational. He may be overbearing with his doctrines but Peter was one of the kindest, gentlest people she knew. The picture of her brother driving into bars and clubs to pick random girls and then kill them afterwards didn’t quite fit. Something in all of what she had heard was not quite right and she made up her mind to get to the bottom the whole issue with or without Olaore’s help. Family, was after all, the most important thing to her and Peter was on the only she had always known.

       “Ore, can you take me to see my brother? I need him to tell me what’s going on”

Just a night in jail and Peter already looked like a walking corpse. His hair was unkempt and he wore his trouser inside out. There were bruises and dried blood all over his body. The only piece of jewelry he wore, a black rosary that was a customary neck piece for ministers in training in his church hung limply around his neck and looked like it bore the suffering of its owner. Lisa gasped and tried to stem the tears that threatened to pour out. She bit her lips and sat on an iron chair that looked as if it had seen more than enough tears and sorrow. They looked at each other for a while before Lisa talked.

      “Brother, how are you?”

      “The Lord is with me. I am not afraid of anything to come. I feel great to be tempted by the devil just as he tempted or Lord Jesus Christ”.                                                        

       “Okay. Brother, so you did not do any of these things they said you did”, she said while playing with the hem of her top, afraid to look into his brother’s eyes and more afraid to hear what he had to say.

         “Lisa, I don’t care if you believe anything this people are saying. All I know is that the good Lord will fish out the sheep from the wolf. I don’t mind staying in this prison so that people who sell themselves cheaply to any willing customer will be rid from this earth including you, if you don’t stop working at that place”

Lisa was shocked at what she heard. She could not believe her ears.

      “Brother, ehn? What did you just say now? You want me dead? That means you truly tried to kill me and you killed those other people too? Brother, please tell me the truth so I can help you get out of here, please”

       “I did not kill anybody, dear sister. It is a sin against the Almighty God. All I know is that the wages of sin is death and sinners will pay dearly with their lives”

Lisa was about to say something when two ruthless looking policemen to drag Peter out like a criminal. She bent her head and began to cry. She did not see him enter but felt Olaore’s hand on her shoulders.

Delani looked about and made sure no one saw her before opening the door to an apartment that belonged to a Peter that had been arrested by the police the other day as a prime suspect in the killing of 5 women. Her source had told her that the guy was a sick bastard and was always muttering things about death being the wages of every sinner. Her instincts told her that was not their man but out of curiosity, she had gotten her source to get a duplicate of his keys from the police safe room. She would inspect the house and fish for anything that would serve as evidence and then get out. She had to be very fast because she was sure the police would come soon to search the house and she also had somewhere to get to. She stepped into the apartment and was taken aback by the simple sophistication of the apartment. For someone who was obsessed about religion, the guy had very great taste in furniture and gadgets. Oddly, she was impressed with the way the apartment was kept neat. She moved about the sitting room, making sure her eagle eyes took in everything as she moved about. She saw a crumpled paper in the bin and she picked it up. In it were names, some were striked out while others were not. She tucked the paper in her pocket, hoping it will in a way link to something that would help solve the case. She moved to a silver MacBook laptop and powered it up. She had had serious lectures on hacking and she had done more times than she could count. She was preparing to hack the laptop when she saw it was not protected by any laptop which was a bit weird to her.

She saw a folder named wage death and opened it. Delano almost fell to the ground as she felt herself go weak in the knee. In the folder were names, pictures and where they work. No one needed to tell her that was their guy. She brought out a flash and copied the folder into it. She rushed out and locked the door, after she made sure she left no evidence that she had been there. When she got to her car, she called her source.

      “Blingz, I need you to get me the guy in charge of the shadow’s case ASAP”

She breathed in and drove off,  adrenaline pumping in her veins.


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