The Sad But True Facts About Michael Brown’s Shooting

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Just a few minutes ago, we reported on the shooting of 18 year old Micheal Brown.

The late Michael Brown
The late Michael Brown

He was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer in Missouri. Due to the nature of his death and the outbursts of the African American society, there have been conflicting reports over what really happened. Some witnesses hold it that the teenager put his hands up in surrender when the officer opened fire on him while the Ferguson police chief says the officer was actually attacked in his cruiser, and that the first shot was fired inside the car.

So, who is lying here? We do not know but these are the sad facts:

1. A black man and a police officer had an exchange and multiple shots were fired.

2. Michael Brown was 35 feet away from the police vehicle when he was shot and killed.

3. Michael Brown was unarmed when he was shot.

4.. The un-named police officer is on paid leave while the case is being investigated.

5.  Michael Brown was a gentle young man who caused no trouble with anyone, according to reports. 

6. No verdict can be reached until a thorough investigation into the incident occurs and btoh sides present their arguments in a law court.



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