The Best Of Toke Makinwa’s VLog

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Yes, its titled The best of Toke’s Vlogs but I cannot categorically tell you one now. The best one would be made known by the fans at the top. For those who don’t know Toke, you deserve some flogging but before that. Let me tell you a little about her. Firstly, Toke Makinwa is my Favourite woman. I see all shades of Oprah Winfrey in this Lady.

Now that said,  Toke is a Television and radio personality who burst onto the scene in 2010 after the premiere of her late night radio show, “Rhythms of the Night,” hosted by one of the most popular music stations in the Lagos Metropolitan area, Rhythm 93.7FM. Oh and by the way, she’s now the brand ambassador for Maggi Chicken cubes. 

Number 5! Have you met a man with a fish brain?

This one is gonna be at Number 5 because the men might not like this. It’s specially for the men who waste women’s time all in the name of dating. I particularly like the part where she says women shouldn’t bother themselves with high heels and expensive clothes for a man who’s a time waster. Instead wear a hair net and bathroom slippers.

Number 4! How to be the next Kim Kardashian West

Awon single ladies, this is for you and even though you might not like it, I care not. Here, Toke took time out of work to teach the ladies how to be like Kim Kardashian. Even if you hate Kim and her Family and even if you feel like she’s irrelevant, Toke says there’s a lesson to learn in all of her “Irrelevant-ness”. Have fun watching!

Number 3! Party Etiquette-are you badly behaved?

This is mostly for the party goers and honestly, I support this! For all party goers, party organisers and even party crashers, this is for you! Watch and Learn!

Number 2! Mr Shy Guy.

This would have been my number 1 but I have something better and general in my store for number 1. Now this is specially for guys or girls who develop ‘wet’ feet when they see a girl or guy they like. I like the ‘smelly mouth’ and ‘staring part’. This one is a must watch. Very Hilarious

Number 1! #AskToke – Genotype: Does it matter? 

I kept this to be number 1 because it’s something that affects marriages. Well, Toke created a segment on her blog where she responds to her emails and in this Vlog and a fan asked this. This here is something my mother has told/warned me about. GENOTYPE! the Ultra-modern stumbling block to ‘love’. She has a kind of Tonto-Dike-ish look in this video though.

Which of these Vlogs do you like most? I enjoyed the ‘shy guy’.. Made me laugh alot. You can see others here TOKE MAKINWA

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