The Amazing Health Benefits of Lime

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Guys you would never imagine the amazing health benefits of lime! I mean we see these things all around every time and we almost don’t realize how great the functions they perform in and out of our bodies are.

Lime is a great skin care product!

Guess what, the good old lime has got juice that when consumed orally or applied on the skin externally can benefit the skin by rejuvenating it, keeping it shiny and protects it from infections. It also reduces body odour! Yes, that is possible because it contains Flavonoids and a great amount of Vitamin C.

It aids digestion

Lime stimulates the digestive system and increases the secretion of digestive juices.

It reduces constipation

Oh yes, it does. It is also said that lime juice with salt acts as an excellent purgative and doesn’t give any side effects!

Isn’t that just grand?

It protects the eye from infections

Because it has a lot of Vitamin C present in it, Lime can protect you from getting eye infections. This is because its anti oxidant properties protect the eyes from aging and flavonoids, one of the components, help to protect them from infections.

It manages fever

That is, if the fever is moderate. Lime (and some other citrus) helps to bring the fever to a manageable level.

It aids weight loss

Added to warm water with honey, lime speedily burns fat, especially if it is taken twice a day. With that, fast results can be counted on.

It clears urinary infection

Lime contains high potassium content which is very effective in getting rid of toxic substances and then helps cure infections in the urinary system.


Do you have any other ideas of the amazing health benefits of lime? Do share.



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