So You Like This Girl That Already Has a Boyfriend? Here’s What You Should Do

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We all have been there, where we like someone but the person likes another person. Then we get stuck in one stupid love triangle or worse become friendzoned and never get out of the nasty situation. These things happen all the time and if you find yourself in a situation where you like a girl that already has a guy, I’m here to help.

First, you have to get it at the back of your head that the whole idea is to steal her from her man. If you’re cool with that, clap for yourself . It simply means you have little conscience, dude. And I do hope you know there is such a thing as Karma and it bites in the the back like a bitch. This same girl can easily leave you for a guy with better game if you can easily steal her from another guy. Beware! Girls that can be easily stolen from their boyfriends may not be all that in the end. Well unless, the boyfriend is an A-hole and you’re forming Captain America on her head.

Let’s assume you are, then. How do you go about it?

Here’s What Not to Do.

1. Play Nice. You’re not there to play nice. Nice guys don’t only finish last, they don’t even finish at all. They get nothing in the end, and my guy, the days of dulling are gone. When you want a chick, you have to go for her. You could be gentlemanly but don’t play nice. In simple terms: don’t act like a mumu.

2. Stalk Her. Never stalk her and never ‘accidentally’ bump into her when she’s with him. That is so uncool, bro. It might be cute the first time but if you do it more times, she or her man will notice and your game will be up.

3. Touch Her. Keep your hands to yourself, at least initially. Chicks already have it in their mind that all guys want is to sleep with them, and then you go and put your hands on her? Don’t do that. Respect her body and never give any indication that you want sex. But you could be subtle. Like, let’s say, pick something off her lip, brush her hair away from her face or ward off an imaginary fly off her dress.

4. Speak Bad Against Her Guy. No matter how it’s itching you, don’t badmouth him. Don’t goodmouth him either. But the point is, no bad words against him or you’ll make her defensive of him.

5. Open Up Your Heart. If you tell her how you feel too prematurely, she will stay away from you. And worse, she might even tell her guy about it. So be careful to keep your feelings and plans tucked in.



Here’s What To Do

1. Get To Know Her. I mean, everything about her. I’m assuming by now you know you have to be her friend. Not that very attached friend but that aloof friend that is totally concentrating on her whenever she’s with you. So, you have to know her whenever you spend time with her. Knowing her makes you find spaces in her life that you can fill in where her boyfriend is not doing a good job, so don’t skip this step.

2. Let Her Get To Know You. Here’s where you can’t sell yourself short. You have to put your best foot forward. Show her why you will make such an awesome boyfriend, without actually telling her so. Show off your strong points. Talk about your past relationships and in a happy light. Go like, “when I was dating so and so…I used to give her these massages that turned her on…”‘ Brag about your selling point. Make this girl want you!

3. Build Trust. Chicks love honesty. You have to be 100% dependable. While you’re keeping your top dawg status, maintain class. Show chivalry because girls generally believe that gentlemen are trustworthy.

4. Be The Other Guy. This is where things start to heat up. Every relationship has its down moments and you should look out for those so that you know when to swoop in. Couples hang out at eateries, go for movies, sit home and play games etc. You should suggest some of that when she’s fighting with her boyfriend and while doing so, encourage her to open up and talk. Be careful not to engage in activities that will make you spend your money on her a lot or she’ll use you.

5. Add Fuel to the Fire. Be noteful of how many times they fight. Once it gets to the third time, throw in some fuel to the flames by asking her why her boyfriend is treating her unkindly. She might be cautious at first but she will eventually open up to you and then you can let her know that she deserves better. Good for you if the fight is about you,then you can be sure that you have a place in her heart so much that oga is not finding it funny. You can plainly tell her that you like her and respect her relationship but left to you, she’d be in your arms. Add that the choice is hers.

6. Give Her Space. Women don’t like being put in uncomfortable positions, just so you know. Be patient with her and give her space. Still leave hints that you’re that awesome guy she’s missing. You could even go on a date with some other chick and tell her about it. If you notice jealousy, then you’re good to go. Tell her the date was okay but you have had more fun with her. Leave her thinking about you.

7. Make Your Move. This is the riskiest part of the whole game. If you jump in prematurely, you might screw things up. Be very sure she has feelings for you when you do this: Get intimate, a little. Could be a peck on her cheek or on her lips. Or stroking her fingers when you hold her hand, or hugging her and smelling her hair, or looking deep into her eyes and holding her stare. Make her know you want her with being slightly physical. It’s risky but it is guaranteed to seal the deal.


When you’ve done all the above, you can now add patience to the list, having it in the back of your mind that you’re ready to swoop in when the time comes. In the end, you want to be irreplaceable, that part of her that she knows she cannot do without. It all depends on the mark you leave in her. Create warm memories she cannot do without and watch her running into your arms at the end of the day.



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