See What Miley Cyrus Wants In A Man

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To date Miley Cyrus is not beans.

The pop star reportedly has a list of requirements that any man who wants to date her must meet.

“The men have to sign confidentiality agreements and allow a background check to be done before they even get to go on a first date. And they have to leave their cameras and phones at home,” a source told British magazine Heat.

“They then speak to one of her assistants, who runs through a pre-date briefing. They’re told not to bring gifts – especially not flowers – what colour to wear so it doesn’t clash with her outfit and what subjects are off-limits. They’re even given a list if things that would be good to speak about.”

Alongside this, Miley has reportedly got set physical requirements too. She apparently only goes for guys who look like models and have six packs.

The whole list is said to be causing problems for the star, who’s finding it hard it hard to find someone who shapes up.

“It’s putting everyone off, though. Guys rarely come back for a second date – one almost bailed before the first as he said it was like applying for a job,” the source claimed.



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