SAD: Girl Chokes To Death On Boiled Egg Served As School Dinner

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In a situation that can only be described as tragic and painful, six-year-old Chantelle Firth, collapsed and choked to death in the canteen of Pentland primary school on Billingham Teeside, after paramedics and staff were unable to remove a piece of boiled egg which was served in her school dinner from her throat.

Firth who has educational special needs was seen struggling to breathe, but nobody was able to dislodge the piece of food which caused her brain to be starved of oxygen. She was dead on arrival in March 2012 at the university hospital of north Tees where she was taken.

An inquest into her death on the 29th of August 2014 at Teeside coroner’s court which was attended by Chantelle’s grand mum and legal guardian recorded a verdict of accidental death. According to Hazel Ducker, Pentland head teacher, a playhouse called ‘Chantelle’s house’ has been installed in the school in her memory.

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