Robin’s suicide wasn’t premeditated – Confidante

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Robin William’s confidante who spoke with him the day before his body was discovered have said to the press that they had a fairly lengthy discussion about several deals in the works/projects and Robin was “completely engaged in the conversation.”

According to the confidante, Robin was asking lots of questions about the deals which sheds light on the fact that Robin’s suicide wasn’t premeditated.

”There was Nothing out of the ordinary during the conversation … “He [Robin] was unhappy which he often was, but it was nothing unusual.” As for why Robin was unhappy, the the confidante says Robin, like lots of other comedians, “lived in a dark place.”

No one in Robin’s life including his wife or personal assistant saw the suicide coming.

The family believes that whatever is was that set Robin off on his fatal path occurred shortly before he chooses to hang himself.

David King

David King

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