Rita Ora steps up Her Baby Hair With Some blings

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Rita Ora doesn’t know when to stop does she? Not only is she constantly changing up her hair game, she’s also constantly elevating looks that she’s previously rocked with aplomb. For example, Rita Ora’s glittery baby hair. While we’e previously seen the style with braids, the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer debuted a new version of her baby hair over the weekend. This time, the old school favorite was showcased alongside a low, dip-dyed ponytail. The effect was soft, feminine, and beautiful. The game changer, though? A glitter accent.


Rita liked the new look so much that she wore it again—this time in gold. Matching your glitter accents to your outfit? That takes some serious consideration.

I’ve always thought of glitter as a crafting supply. Or something you applied to your body before going out. But an accent sparkle in your hair? That’s something I can totally get down with.

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David King

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