Rihanna Vs Beyonce; Who Wore It Better?

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I’ll do the hashtags and then you’ll pick who wore it best

RiRi- #Good Girl Gone Worst-#Denim on Denim-#Chanel Accessories- #Chris Brown’s Punch bag- #Drake’s former fling- #She’s not naked- #She wore a face cap- #she’s looking surprisingly decent.

Queen B- #Mama Blue- #Jay Z’s wife- #Denim on Denim- #She’s on tour now-  #Marriage on the rocks(Rumours)- #Posed recently in front of a jet(presumably private), #She was smiling mumulishly when Solange was using her husband for boxing practice- #she recently painted her nails and inscribed them with J&B(Jayz and beyonce) amid divorce rumours…

That’s all i can say, Add yours.




My own pick is Rihanna. Why? Because she chose not to wear a polythene bag and a hairy baby shawl(she needs to be applauded for not being naked).  Nice Chanel accessories. Who’s yours?

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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