Rebuild legacy schools, Utomi urges Ajimobi

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Political economist and former presidential candidate, Prof. Pat Utomi, has appealed to the governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, to rebuild old schools in the state.

In an essay on his Facebook page titled ‘Education built to last,’ Utomi decried the lack of preservation of the properties of legacy schools. He said a turnaround would increase the legacy effect of the schools.

He said, “Those who built Loyola College in Ibadan some 60 years ago thought they were building an institution and turning boys into men, prepared in knowledge, wisdom and character to last forever. As Loyola College marks 60 years, does today look better than yesterday? This is what must happen to everything designed to last.”

Utomi explained that it used to be the tradition that families who sent children to schools with great tradition ensured that subsequent generation stayed faithful.

He said, “In our time, we had the Etomis, the Runsewes, the Ogunlesis, the Adetibas across generations. But how many of us have had our children return? My own children turned to the new Loyola built in Abuja by the Jesuits.

“But our grandchildren can return, if the government collaborates with the Catholic Church and the ‘Old Boys’ for a Loyola restoration project. I hope my dear friend, the governor of Oyo State, would do the needful to put us ‘Old Boys’ on the spot to make that happen.

“I assure him the legacy effect will be bigger because a predecessor, Lam Adesina, a Loyola ‘old boy,’ failed on that score. I had expected he would do what an ‘old boy’ of my other secondary school, CKC Onitsha, did; Peter Obi set CKC on a sure path of restoration with the policies of his tenure.”

According to Utomi, very often, many people lament the Nigerian condition but are at a loss about what they can do to change things beyond lamentations and blaming others.

He noted that pursuing the redemption of the school system was one sure area all can do their bit.



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